Buzzy Bee's Baby Sitter- Large Book (4 × Stories)

Buzzy Bee's Baby Sitter- Large Book (4 × Stories)

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THE GOOD HONEY CO. is proud to offer best-selling and internationally award-winning New Zealand author Joy Cowley's 'Buzzy Bee's Baby-Sitter' children book. 

Let your child join much-loved Buzzy Bee and his friends for some fun adventures — no matter what goes wrong, Buzzy’s ideas always save the day.

Buzzy Bee Baby-Sitter is a colourful picture book for preschool to Year 1 children, with four stories that each help children learn a valuable lesson. 

Children love the bright, funny stories as they learn fractions, comparisons, left and right, and time. 


Story No. 1 - Buzzy Bee Baby-Sitter

Having fun with your baby-sitter at each hour of the day.


Story No. 2 - Plum Tart

Plum tarts can be shared among friends, but they will need to be in halves or quarters to do so.


Story No. 3 - Big, Bigger, Biggest

How big does your mouth have to be to eat different foods? Buzzy’s friends all have different abilities.


Story No. 4 - Go Left

Oscar wants to go to town, but is left the right way? 


Written by Joy Cowley

Illustrated by Richard Hoit

Format: Paperback

Pages: 64 Colourful Pages

Dimensions : 240mm X 200mm